Celadon Trucking: Company Overview

By Dave T.

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest trucking companies in the country is Celadon. It has a very extensive coverage, as trucks can travel in the United States then across borders such as Mexico and Canada.

It utilizes some of the most comprehensive tracking systems, which allow them to monitor the movements of the cargoes and the fleet in real time. They have set up various terminal locations where goods can be picked up and where drivers can rest.

So far, the company has already acquired more than 10,000 trailers and 3,000 tractors.

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How To Join The Team

Celadon Trucking just keeps on growing..

That’s why there’s always an opportunity for you in there. Besides, you may want to seriously consider being part of the team when you get the following benefits:

Drive your own fleet: Even when you’re new, you can already have the chance to drive your own truck or not belong to a team. This is advantageous since you can better regulate your time, speed, and productivity. You basically have only one thing to mind: the load.

You will also enjoy a much higher pay. Though teams are paid up to $0.42 per mile, this is split among the members. When you drive alone, your salary is $0.33 per mile for 9 to 35 months and an additional cent for the succeeding months and years you spent with the company.

Celadon Trucking also gives away bonuses of around $0.06 per month once you hit 17,000 miles. If you sign on with a team, you also get a sign-up incentive of $2,000. Since it’s very important for the company to hire very careful drivers, they have set up a safety bonus where you earn $0.005 per mile or up to $1,400 every year that you have a very clean driving record.

You need to be licensed or endorsed before you can carry hazardous materials, and you also have the option not to transport them. Nevertheless, you’re paid well if you do: $0.03 per mile, on top of your basic salary.

Celadon Trucking has also created a very effective routing system and assigns you to those that are close to your home, so you will be able to rest in your own place and be with your family more frequently.

The company also promotes a very high drop and hook and no touch percentage, so during stops, you can fully rest and effectively manage your time.

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